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This feature allows a user to take a call ringing on a phone of an employee by dialing a call pickup group number. This functionality utilizes the call park application.

However, it cannot be used for in the following scenarios:

  • Calls to a user’s private line
  • Calls from a contact to whom was assigned the confidentiality level Family and friends
  • Video section of an audio / video call
  • Calls from a simultaneous ring
  • Calls delegation fashion
  • Calls from a response group

Originally, the only way to configure this was by using the SEFAUtil tool.  NO MORE YEY.  However, you have to configure it using PowerShell. orlistat 60 for sale Step One – Create a Call Pickup Orbit Range

Firstly we need to create a Call Park Orbit to use for pickup:

New-CsCallParkOrbit -Identity “Call Pickup” -NumberRangeStart 700 -NumberRangeEnd 799 –CallParkService ““ -Type GroupPickup


follow site Step Two – Associate Call Pickup Number to Users

Now we can associate call pickup numbers to the users:

New-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit “Gareth Jones” -Orbit 700


This is difficult to manage so ensure you use this tool: