Here is an updated list of all the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) Titles coming out over the next few months. This is just what is currently being planned, newer courses could also be added in the future.

Course Numbers Info

Some interesting info below regarding course numbers:

Courses that begin with 10xxx are considered MOC but are not aligned to exams.

Courses that begin with 20xxx are considered MOC and are aligned with a corresponding exam.

Courses that begin with 40xxx are created by Microsoft Learning, but are not considered MOC, they are more aligned to updating an IT Pro’s knowledge or First Look clinics for Managers etc.

Courses that begin with 50xxx are Community Courseware that is not affiliated with Microsoft Learning.

PowerShell Courses

The following two courses are being updated to a C revision to incorporate Server 2016 & PS v5.0

10961    C    Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell  – 8th Sept 2017

10962    C    Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell  – 5th Sept 2017

Server 2016 Courses

The following 3 courses were updated to the RTM release in March 2017:

20740    B             Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016                  

20741    B             Networking with Windows Server 2016                                                                

20742    B             Identity with Windows Server 2016

The following course will be updated:                                                                        

20744    B            Securing Windows Server 2016 is due to release on 14 June 2017.


A             Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter has been released.  There is no plan, at present, to update this course.

All equipment for Server 2016 courses should support SLAT and it should be noted that these courses will implement Nested Virtualization and therefore hardware should include SSD’s as this is stipulated in the hardware requirements.

Azure Courses

Some good news on Azure front.  The following two courses have been released:

10992    A             Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure (3 days)

10993    A             Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure (2 days) (Hosted Labs only!)

These are more suited to IT Pros than the 20533C which is very much an overview of each component including Platform as a Service.  20533C does have a place but is more aligned (in my opinion) to those who already have experience with AWS or Azure although the do suit some IT Pros that are integrated more with DevOps.

20533C has had a refresh (1st May 2017) to align with the new exam objectives.  The labs being hosted in Github has been a good start but as I teach this course regularly it is still a little out-dated and sometimes the formatting can be out which causes confusion.

20532C – Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions has been released (23 Aug 2016) and will be updated similar to the 20533C course.  Labs hosted in Github.

Finally a new MOC Workshop: M40442 – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions is being released aligned to the 70-534 exam which is a welcome addition.   This will be a 3 day course and more theory based.  There is an online prerequisite for this course which delegates must have completed prior to attendance although from experience students aren’t doing this which is causing issues.

Skype for Business

40409A – Deploying Voice Workloads for Skype for Business Online and Server 2015 (5 days) (Released 23 Sept 2016).  This is aligned to the 70-333 exam.  Hosted labs only from LoD & GoDeploy.

M20334B – Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 was updated to latest CU recently coupled with some minor changes to VM’s and the inclusion of a Linux hardware Load Balancer Virtual Appliance.


Both M20345-1 – Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and M20345-2 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 were updated in November 2016 to incorporate the latest Cumulative Update, and will get a second refresh in June 2017.

Office 365

M20347A – Enabling & Managing Office 365 was updated in April 2017, no significant changes apart from labs be updated to align to the changes on the platform.  Oh and VMs have been updated to Win 10 1607 and Server 2016 (not that it makes any difference to the course).

10997    A    Office 365 Administration is being released on 8th September 2017.

System Center 2016

M10965D – IT Service Management with System Center Service Manager has just been released 28 April 2017 and includes updates for Service Manager 2016.

Orchestrator 2016 does not have a course and it doesn’t look like there is anything on the horizon.  This has always been community led courseware.  Fingers crossed someone does release some kind of update to the current Community MOC.

The following two courses will be released around Sept 2017:

10995   A    Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack (eventual replacement of Private Cloud courses 20246 & 20247 after a transition period)

10996   A    Hybrid Cloud and Datacenter Monitoring with Operations Management Suite (OMS)

How different these two courses are is quite confusing as they are very much one of a kind.  Once I get my hands on the outlines I will update you.  One big question I have posed is how they expect providers to run any course based on the Azure Stack given its hardware specifications (See my post on how to deploy Azure Stack inside a VM here:





Compute: CPU

Dual-Socket: 12 Physical Cores

Dual-Socket: 16 Physical Cores

Compute: Memory


128 GB RAM

Compute: BIOS

Hyper-V Enabled (with SLAT support)

Hyper-V Enabled (with SLAT support)

Network: NIC

Windows Server 2012 R2 Certification required for NIC; no specialized features required

Windows Server 2012 R2 Certification required for NIC; no specialized features required

Disk drives: Operating System

1 OS disk with minimum of 200 GB available for system partition (SSD or HDD)

1 OS disk with minimum of 200 GB available for system partition (SSD or HDD)

Disk drives: General Azure Stack POC Data

4 disks. Each disk provides a minimum of 140 GB of capacity (SSD or HDD).

4 disks. Each disk provides a minimum of 250 GB of capacity.

The following two courses are replacing M20695 & M20696:

20703-1    A    Administering System Center Configuration Manager – 3rd July 2017

20703-2    A    Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager  – 21 Sept 2017


Hardware for Server 2016

Finally a quite note about hardware.  For Server 2016 to run Hyper-V the physical machine you run the labs on MUST support SLAT.  Server 2012/R2 didn’t require this and may catch some people out.  To check this do the following:

Download the CoreInfo utility from the Microsoft Technet’s Windows Internals Page. Once downloaded, open Windows Command Prompt with Administrator privileges. Now navigate to the downloaded location of the CoreInfo.exe file and enter the following command in your command prompt:


If your CPU supports SLAT, it will have an asterisk ( * ) near to the “EPT” and if it does not support SLAT, you will notice a minus sign ( – ) there.