Adobe CC 2015 Master Collection Having taken my Windows 10 exam a while back I decided to put this list together of useful links that helped me revise. There is little resource out there in terms of books etc and the ones that are available, in my opinion, do not cover anything in any detail and aren’t really aligned to the exam. Obviously under NDA I cannot talk about specific questions but I can pretty much promise if you go through these links and assimilate the information then it will put you in good stead. Good luck!

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cheapest Microsoft Project Standard 2013 Implement Windows (30–35%)


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  • Configure updates
    • Configure Windows Update options
    • implement Insider Preview, Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB) and Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) scenarios
    • manage update history
    • roll back updates
    • update Windows Store apps
  • Monitor Windows
    • Configure and analyse Event Viewer logs
    • configure event subscriptions
    • monitor performance using Task Manager
    • monitor performance using Resource Monitor
    • monitor performance using Performance Monitor and Data Collector Sets
    • monitor system resources
    • monitor and manage printers
    • configure indexing options
    • manage client security by using Windows Defender
    • evaluate system stability using Reliability Monitor
    • troubleshoot performance issues
  • Configure system and data recovery
    • Configure a recovery drive
    • configure a system restore
    • perform a refresh or recycle
    • perform a driver rollback
    • configure restore points
    • resolve hardware and device issues
    • interpret data from Device Manager
    • restore previous versions of files and folders
    • configure File History
    • recover files from OneDrive
    • use Windows Backup and Restore
    • perform a backup and restore with WBAdmin
    • perform recovery operations using Windows Recovery
  • Configure authorisation and authentication
    • Configure Microsoft Passport
    • configure picture passwords and biometrics
    • configure workgroups
    • configure domain settings
    • configure HomeGroup settings
    • configure Credential Manager
    • configure local accounts
    • configure Microsoft accounts
    • configure Device Registration
    • configure Windows Hello
    • configure Device Guard
    • configure Credential Guard
    • configure Device Health Attestation
    • configure UAC behaviour
  • Configure advanced management tools
    • Configure services
    • configure Device Manager
    • configure and use the MMC
    • configure Task Scheduler
    • configure automation of management tasks using Windows PowerShell