This is a quick reference so you can find the client logs during an OSD in Config Manager (CCM).

CCM actually moves the logs during a deployment depending on the stage of deployment.

There are four stages with regards to log file locations:

  1. System has started in WinPE, no hard drive configuration has taken place:
    where can i buy furosemide online “x:windowstempsmstslog” folder
  2. System has started in WinPE, hard drive has been partitioned and formatted:
    buy amoxil online uk “x:smstslog” folder
    “c:_SMSTaskSequenceLogsSmstslog” folder
  3. System has started in Windows but ConfigMgr is NOT yet installed:
    “c:_SMSTaskSequenceLogsSmstslog” folder
  4. System has started in Windows and ConfigMgr IS installed:
    “c:windowsccmlogsSmstslog” folder

After the Task Sequence is complete the log file can then be found in:


Remember there may be log files with the date appended as they cant grow indefinitely.