Yesterday during a live demo at the Azure Global Bootcamp I ran into an error (which actually doesn’t happen that often anymore thankfully).  However, we worked around it, but I’m not one for letting something beat me so I continued to investigate all evening until I could find a solution.

The error I encountered was “An unexpected error occurred during the installation.  Fore more details, check the setup error los. (Error ID: 116)”



I looked in the logs located in C:\ProgramData\ASRLogs


11:19:51:MARS agent installation verification failed. Expecting Version 2.0.9071.0 Found 0.0


As you could see it was trying to find another version of the agent which was strange given this HV machine was only created 2 days ago.  So I decided to install the latest MARS Agent from here Download the Azure Recovery Services agent update package now (I suggest you search for the latest version if you are reading this in the future).


Once I had install the MARS Agent I didn’t do any registration just cancelled that process and then went to install the ASR Provider again and it worked fine.



Hope this helps Smile