This article is dedicated to Lewis Smile

This feature allows a user to take a call ringing on a phone of an employee by dialing a call pickup group number. This functionality utilizes the call park application.

However, it cannot be used for in the following scenarios:

  • Calls to a user’s private line
  • Calls from a contact to whom was assigned the confidentiality level Family and friends
  • Video section of an audio / video call
  • Calls from a simultaneous ring
  • Calls delegation fashion
  • Calls from a response group

Originally, the only way to configure this was by using the SEFAUtil tool.  NO MORE YEY.  However, you have to configure it using PowerShell.

Step One – Create a Call Pickup Orbit Range

Firstly we need to create a Call Park Orbit to use for pickup:

New-CsCallParkOrbit -Identity “Call Pickup” -NumberRangeStart 700 -NumberRangeEnd 799 –CallParkService ““ -Type GroupPickup


Step Two – Associate Call Pickup Number to Users

Now we can associate call pickup numbers to the users:

New-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit “Gareth Jones” -Orbit 700


This is difficult to manage so ensure you use this tool: