In this blog I will guide you through the steps required to configure Lync 2010 client to work via a Citrix remote desktop.

Environment Requirements

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010 installed and configured
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5 installed and configured
  • Microsoft Active Directory Environment
  • Workstation with Citrix online 12.0 plugin and /or Thin Client device (specific HDX ready Wyse/ iGel) with Citrix online 12.0 plugin

Server Configuration

As long as the Lync setup is in working order, then there are no changes required to be made to the Lync server environment.  The Citrix Xenapp 6.5 server software can only be installed onto Windows 2008 R2.  This means that the Lync Client software installed should be the 64-bit version.

Install the Lync Client software onto the XenApp 6.5 server using the Remote Desktop Installation Wizard.  Once installed, the application requires to be published on the Citrix server.  To do this launch the AppCenter Console, and publish a new application.

Using the wizard, ensure the following are set.  All other settings are the standard, or custom to the organisation.

The final configuration steps on the Citrix server itself are setting the policies. There are two policy types: user and computer. The required settings are spread over the two areas.  The following settings are required in order for Voice conversations:


  • HDX MediaStream Multimedia Acceleration – Allowed
  • Multimedia Conferencing – Allowed


  • Client Audio redirection – Allowed
  • Client Microphone redirection – Allowed
  • Client USB device Redirection – Allowed
  • Client plug and play device Redirection. – Allowed

Client Configuration

Ensure that the relevant headset is connected to the users machine. The default audio devices for the Thin client need to be the headset.

Using the Citrix online plugin, launch Microsoft Lync, then access the Audio Device settings.

Both Speaker and Microphone should be set to Citrix HDX Audio. All functionality with regards to testing is that same as if the Communicator software was installed locally.

Next, make a Lync call from the XenApp session on the Thin Client using a headset!