There are several netsh commands you can use to assist you in your DA deployments.  When (and inevitably you will) troubleshooting time comes then you can use the following useful commands.

DA Client:

Settings and Status

netsh dns show state

This provides essential information on the current DA status and general config state

netsh namespace show policy

This displays the Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT) that has been defined within the GPO

netsh namespace show effectivepolicy

This outputs the actual NRPT entries that are currently active on the DA client.

Common Transition Technology Interfaces

netsh interface teredo show state

This shows the current status of the Teredo interface, if its being used.

netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces

This shows the current status of the IP-HTTPS interface, if its being used.

Windows Firewall Settings and Status

netsh advfirewall monitor show firewall

This shows the current status and configuration state of the local Windows Firewall.  Remember it needs to be turned on!!

netsh advfirewall show currentprofile

Used to show the current Windows Firewall profile that is in use.

netsh advfirewall monitor show consec

This is used to show the current status of the Windows Firewall connection security rules which are used to define the DA infrastructure and intranet IPsec tunnels.

Hope these help.