For those of you who are attempting the NEW 70-533 exam I have put together the following exam preparation information. These articles are aligned to the questions you will receive on your exam. Study these carefully and in detail and you shouldn’t have an issue J

Target Audience

The 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions is geared towards a IT Pro audience. If you already have experience implementing solutions on Azure then you’ll likely have an easier time studying, however, it’s not required. The exam assumes you are already familiar with networking, active directory, PowerShell and other general infrastructure topics.


Changes and Updates to the Exam (ARM Refresh November 2016)

It has been 2 years since the original 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions certification exam was first released which is the Exam i took and it seems like years ago. Over this period there’s been a couple of updates to try and keep it relevant with the ever changing portfolio of the Microsoft Azure platform. The last update was in March which is an eternity then it comes to Azure.   The good and bad news is that effective 22nd November 2016 there is an exam refresh which ensures the exam is back to relevancy and not as out-dated as it has been for over a year.

Other free resources

Now there are some other free resources you can use.  However, be aware that they may be a little dated but this is a good revision aid.  Watch, assimilate the information then verify its still valid.  Core concepts of Azure pretty much remain the same.

Free Video Courses / Training

Unfortunately, there are very few updated online videos but I’m trying to develop some but time is always an issue.  Be warned the Channel 9 and MVA courses are now very out-dated.


There are a few books on Microsoft Azure. The biggest one to help studying for this exam would be the “Exam Ref 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” from Microsoft Press.
Note:  This book does not cover the latest release of this exam but may help with learning some of the PowerShell commands and syntax!

Design and implement Azure App Service Apps (15–20%)

Create and manage Azure Resource Manager virtual machine (20–25%)






Design and implement a storage strategy (20–25%)


Implement Azure Active Directory (15–20%)



Implement virtual networks (10–15%)



Design and deploy ARM templates (10–15%)