1. Go to: www.microsoft.com/learning
  2. Look up your desired certification by technology (example: SharePoint or Skype for Business
  3. a.  Click on Certification & exams menu

    b. Click on the discipline you want to take the exam in

  4. You will now see the exams required to pass the certification
  5. Click on the exam number you wish to take
  6. The most important section here is the Skills Measured


a.  Copy this information into a Word Document.

b.  Note the “areas” and percentages

c.  Look up EACH AND EVERY item. Get on Google or Bing and look up every section and sub section using msdn or technet.  A tip for you.  When exams are written the author has to write an explanation or each answer he writes and reference it to these articles.  So effectively these are the ANSWERS!!

d.  Be sure you completely understand each topic

You are HALFWAY there!

If you have been away from school for a while or have never taken a Microsoft exam, they can be quite overwhelming. What to expect:

  1. You will go to an authorised Pearson VUE test center and have to turn in any carried bags, wallets/purses, etc. Some centers have lockers and will have you do this and some will do it for you.
  2. You will be escorted to a room for your exam. Most centers record you when you are taking the exam. You will be scratch board (whiteboard) and a pen and it will be collected at the end.
  3. Your exam times and amount of questions will vary with each exam.  But its anything from 2 – 4 hours with the average being 2.5 hours.

You may also choose to do the exam at home.  The Online proctored (OP) exam delivery allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office, often within 15 minutes of registration, while being monitored by an offsite proctor. The OP exam delivery system has very specific technical, system, environment and testing protocol requirements, which you must review and accept before you can register.  You can register exactly the same way as if you book for test centre but you select Online Proctored exam instead when redirected from the Microsoft Learning website.

You are 2/3 of the way there!

Firstly, don’t bother with brain dumps.  I’ve seen 100’s of them lately that are just out right wrong.  Its much easier to use authorised exams such as MeasureUp or Transcender.  I have no preference.

Purchase these if you you wish. They are a good aid to highlight any weak areas.

When you are ready to test, you can go back to Microsoft Learning and schedule your test by clicking schedule exam on the exam page:


You are ¾ of the way there!

The day OF the exam:

  1. Once the exam starts, go through the questions as a “skim”. Answer any that are short and can be read quickly and that you KNOW the answers to. MARK the longer questions or questions that you are not 100% totally sure of for later review.
  2. Once you have finished the short questions and the questions you know, begin going through your review of the “long” questions or questions you are not sure of. This process will ensure you have ample time to finish your exam!

That’s it! You are 100% ready! – Good Luck!

Once you pass your first Microsoft exam, you may not get a certification until you pass the whole series of exams required, but you will be an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). This entitles you access to: www.microsoft.com/mcp which gives you access to the logos you are certified for, the MCP store for merchandise, certification planners, discounts, and more.

I always like to hear from students when the pass an exam so please drop me a line.