I understand sometimes how frustrated Microsoft Learning partners get with injecting internet connectivity into the lab environment. There is no actual requirement for the MSL-TMG machine with a couple of cavets!

  1. If the course setup is a one box solution with only a “Private Network” or/and “Private Network 2” you can pretty much guarantee this will work.
  2. If it is a course that has RTR or INET machine then this probably won’t and it’s doubtful you require internet connectivity in the labs anyway.
  3. One for Instructors!! Enable and Disable this feature when require on Windows 10 courses due to the Current Business update scenarios as the VM’s do not use the LTSB version.

Another couple of useful features is that students can then RDP onto the VM’s which enables copy paste to work much easier or use Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

How do we do this then? Below is the process outlined on Server 2012 & R2.

In Hyper-V manager Virtual Network Manager Settings, change the Private Network Adapter to an “Internal only” adapter instead of “Private virtual machine network”.

You will see another Network Adapter appear in Network Settings denoted by Private Network:

Give this the IP address that the Course Setup Guide says to give the Private Network Adapter of the TMG server (Do not give it a Gateway Address). Use the Domain Controller VM IP Address as the DNS Address.

Click ok and open Server Manager and click Add roles and features then click Next three times until you get to the Select Server Roles page of the Add Roles and Features Wizard:

Select Remote Access and continue clicking Next until you get to the Role Services then select Routing and click Add Features

Note it will automatically select DirectAccess and VPN (RAS). Click Next all the way through the wizard until you get to the confirmation screen and click Install

At the end of the installation click Close (DO NOT CLICK Open the Getting Started Wizard)

In Server Manager click Tools and then click Routing and Remote Access

Right Click your Server Name and Click Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.

Click Next:

Select NAT:

Select the INTERNET connection of your Hyper-V Host Machine:

Select the network that is connected to the Internal Network you created earlier in this post.

Click Finish:

Ensure your DC is on as this is what provides DNS for the internet connectivity and test inside one of the VM’s