When I was attempting to deploy Office 2016 during a demo on my lab I came across the following error when deploying the software from the Software Center.

By default Configuration Manager client stores deployed packages in %windir%ccmcache folder and default disk space for cache folder is 5120 MB. My office deployment was around 6Gb so there was the issue.

Method 1

To increase the cache size on the client, open the Configuration Manager Management Console > Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Right Click your site > Client Installation Settings > Client Push Installation.

Open the Installation Properties tab and enter SMSCACHESIZE=8000

Click OK.

Redeploy the Client to the Client Machine then attempt to install the software again.

Method 2

Open the Configuration Manager applet in Control Panel on the Client Machine. Click the Cache Tab > Configure Settings > Change Cache Size

Click OK and attempt the installation again.